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Ithyanna, Last Daughter of Atlantis: Book I: How the World Ended Millennia Ago (The Last of the Atlanteans 1) by Don Edward Cook

Original, intelligent, and deeply intricate…

Cook plunges readers into a layered world of science and religion in this intricate first installment in the Last of the Atlanteans series. Not only humanity but the whole earth is in danger of being extinct. Noah has warned the world about the coming flood. But other than his family, no one has paid any attention. However, the Atlantean telepathic wunderkind-scientist, Ithyanna has an inkling about the impending apocalypse. Trying to secure a single space-ark to carry nucleus of humans, Ithyanna is met with heavy resistance. The economy is in shambles, and a growing threat of all-out war with the totalitarian Lemuria is looming on Atlantis. But Ithyanna is determined to face any difficulty and succeed. But what happens when the creator himself comes and stands in the way? Cook keeps the action brisk and tension high, and his vast SF world is utterly intricate, demanding careful reading on readers’ part. Jumping between various timelines and managing a large array of characters, Cook efficiently captures the crude human messiness of ignorance, self-centeredness, and greed. The more science-oriented and nonbelievers may find the eerie climax uncharacteristically contrived, but Ithyanna’s transformation from skeptical observer to desperate believer toward the end is portrayed with conviction, and it’s through her story that Cook conveys the book’s underlying message about God being the ultimate creator as well as destroyer and how in all things, a person really has no option but to acknowledge their utter dependence on God’s sovereign plan. This Bible-inspired apocalyptic tale is not for everyone, but lovers of intricate evangelical literature will be rewarded.

Ithyanna, Last Daughter of Atlantis: Book I

How the World Ended Millennia Ago

By Don Edward Cook


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Pub date July 28. 2020

ISBN 9781525559143

Price $20.82 (USD) Hardcover, $$6.49 Paperback, $$4.22 Kindle edition

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