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More Amazing True Stories of Pepito The Squirrel (Pepito the Squirrel #2) by F. Jordan Erebia

Delightfully heartfelt and adventurous…

In this charming second installment of Pepito the Squirrel (based on a true rescue story), Erebia takes readers on the young squirrel’s mischievous exploits. Pepito is fully rehabilitated now and living on its own. But he hasn’t forgotten Erebia and likes to visit his human friend all the time. Meanwhile, he is a star on social media, and gets featured on The Boston Globe as well. Erebia’s devotion to rehabilitate Pepito, his dedication and sympathetic nature shine through the pages. He is thoroughly adept when it comes to conveying the vulnerability of feral animals and the dangerous situations, they often find themselves in. Along the way, Erebia touches on the subjects of same-sex relationship, compassion, and knowledge. The rhyming text is addictive, and the accompanying delightful images bring the reader closer to Pepito, making the story a treat for eyes. A nice example of how kindness and insight can really make a difference, this charming, warm story will inspire children to start their own efforts. Thoroughly page-turning, this is a treat for preschoolers and older children alike.

Note: this title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

More Amazing True Stories of Pepito The Squirrel

(Pepito the Squirrel #2)

By F. Jordan Erebia


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Pub date November 15, 2020

ISBN 9781736085844

Price $24.99 (USD) Hardcover), 12.99 Paperback, $3.04 Kindle edition

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