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When Times Seem Dark by Alex Thomas

Rich and poignant… An affecting journey through life’s experiences…

Simultaneously sad and hopeful, this collection of 100 short poems by Thomas describes with candor and passion the everyday struggles people go through all the time, particularly the mental health problems. “Price tag” captures the futility of fleeting relationships while celebrating genuine friendship and “A painful expression” explores the trauma associated with troubled childhood. “Stay True,” celebrates self. The simplicity of the prose gives the poems both candidness and pathos, making the collection all the more affecting (“I’m sorry, I don’t know/ Why the waves, ebb and flow/ Why sometimes, we feel lost/ Or why some hearts, are as cold as frost”). While this collection ruminates on numerous subjects, including love, heartbreak, friendship, family, morality, mental illness among others, Thomas stays away from over-the-top sentimentality and melodrama. Insightful, honest, and entertaining, the collection reflects our own experience back at us, making us feel less alone. This is a winner.

When Times Seem Dark

By Alex Thomas, Alistair McCready (Illustrator)

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Pub date December 22, 2020


Price $8.01 (USD) Kindle edition, $18.00 Paperback

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