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Crickets by lee Chappel

A spectacularly gripping novel permeated with unease and psychological twists… A true page-turner.

In this intricately plotted mystery, Chappel takes readers on a page-turning journey into the twisted path of dark human intentions. It’s been years since Kara Peterson left Paige, but the memories of a traumatic incident still haunt her dreams. When her father, Sheriff Stan Peterson, dies suddenly, Kara has no option but to come back and sort out her childhood home for sale. But there’s someone leaving threatening notes at Kara’s doorstep. Detective Sam Ellis, the newly appointed detective in Paige, begins to look into an old rape case unaware of a sinister conspiracy that will shake the foundations of the whole town. The fluid narrative marked with old secrets, forbidden love, betrayals, and lies keeps the pages turning. Chappel subtly deepens his characters’ inner complexities, making them alive in readers’ minds. The expert plot, driven by the various suspects’ motivations and actions keep the readers invested. This is a must-read for lovers of finely crafted psychological mysteries.


By Lee Chappel

Expected pub date September 2021

Bleu Press

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