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Mad City by Victor Vahl

A gritty, compelling thriller…

Set in the near-future, Vahl’s action-packed thriller pits a young man against a ruthless killer. Haunted by his parents’ tragic death fifteen years ago, Isaac Sage is struggling with trauma and depression. When a clue surfaces, implying the Sages were murdered for the M.A.D., an all-cure drug their reputed firm developed, Isaac knows he must avenge his parents or risk losing his sanity to never-ending grief. With NMPD Detective John Saint on his trail and a dangerous enemy to face, Isaac must tread carefully or risk becoming another murder victim of the psychopathic killer. Vahl keeps the action gritty that complements Isaac’s derring-do exploits. Readers will relate to the deeply troubled, vulnerable and yet resilient Isaac, who never stray into superman territory. Isaac’s quest of disintegrating Diablo’s cartel operation and Saint and Billows’s search for the vigilante wreaking havoc on criminal operations in the city of New Manhattan keep the suspense high. Lovers of intense action thrillers will be rewarded.

Mad City

By Victor Vahl

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Pub date July 24, 2020

ISBN 9798649130967

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.97 Kindle edition

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