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The Girl in My Treehouse by Pete Fanning

An unputdownable YA coming-of-age story…

The shy, awkward Matt Crosby will be joining high school soon, but it seems his middle school friends are already ahead in the game. After the feisty Lia moves in up the street, the two immediately form a connection. When Matt finds Lia sleeping in his treehouse, he realizes there is more to Lia’s story than she lets on. But to be there for Lia, Matt needs to find courage to take a stand for himself first. Well-orchestrated, timely conflicts bestow the novel with weight, giving Matt a greater dimension in the process. The ending is heartbreaking and yet hopeful and satisfying. The journey to it is full of poignant emotions, delivered by Matt and Lia’s strong bond with each other and with Preacher Higgins. Fanning’s assured prose, interesting storytelling, and keen insights keep the pages turning. Finding courage to follow your heart is a familiar theme in numerous YA novels, but the way Fanning conveys it—with heart and poignancy—makes it distinguishable. Fanning is an author to watch.

The Girl in My Treehouse

By Pete Fanning

Pub date April 13, 2021

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