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Song Over Silence: A Story About Finding My Voice While Healing Child Incest Abuse by Jill Dyann Bittle

Raw and authentic… A candid and courageous memoir about incest abuse.

In this striking and moving memoir, Bittle details her harrowing journey of recovery from incest abuse, turning an unflinching eye on the time in her life that has influenced her personality for years to come. As a little girl, Bittle was sexually abused by her paternal grandfather while staying at his house with her younger sister after her parents went for a vacation–a traumatic experience that her subconscious kept buried for ages. As a young girl and a teenager, Bittle found it hard to form close friendships and constantly struggled with depression, anxiety, and her individual and sexual identity. She retreated into a complex inner life marked by bisexual fixations, bouts of depression, aggressive behavior, and self-injury, rage at her surrounding, and inability to concentrate on studies. A teenage pregnancy resulted in the birth of her older son. Postpartum depression, her strained relationship with her son’s father, and her son’s subsequent diagnosis of severe autism threw her deeper into depression. Things begin to look up after she started seeing DJ, whom she married later and together they had more children. However, financial security and a gratifying family life did little to help Bittle in her continuous struggles with depression, OCD, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. As her trauma became too much to handle, she tried psychosomatic therapy with her cousin, hoping to retrieve the tortuous incident. But she didn’t have the courage to talk about her hazy memories of childhood sexual abuse, especially because she had no clear recollection of the incident. But once the details of the abuse began to unfold in stark detail, she worked tirelessly to come to terms with the trauma. Bittle’s prose is affecting and she uses restraint while detailing the episode, suggesting her discomfort and pain. At the end of this poignant and absorbing book, Bittle’s transformation from a young, troubled girl into a wife, mother, and accomplished professional is both heartening and hopeful. She delivers an illuminating discussion of incest, bringing light to a dark topic that is often shrouded in secrecy and inspiring survivors of sexual abuse to break their silence. It’s easy to forget that Bittle’s memoir is a book about someone who relentlessly struggled with behavior problems, severe depression, and OCD.  Bittle’s remarkable candor and lack of pretense makes her a captivating storyteller. This is a winner.

Song Over Silence

A Story About Finding My Voice While Healing Child Incest Abuse

By Jill Dyann Bittle

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Pub date January 4, 2021

ISBN 978-1-5255-7042-1

Price 9.99 (USD) Paperback, $17.99 Hardcover, $7.85 Kindle edition

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