The Impersonators by Julie Mee

A fun, poignant story told with wit, insight, and affecting prose…

The poignant themes of true friendship, truth, and fortitude mark Mee’s moving, engrossing latest. The young Stuart Bossman, an aspiring documentary film-maker, has always planned on filming a terrific documentary. Meeting the lovely Melinda Waters, the world’s most beautiful mermaid, on Hollywood Strip, an eye-popping street filled with actors dressed as the superheroes and famous movie characters, makes Stuart realize the vast opportunities awaiting him. But Stuart’s dream of shooting a smashing documentary is cut short when a group of impersonators arrive at the street and take over Melinda and her friends’ spot. Mee’s worldbuilding is extensive and impressive, and Stuart’s quest to get his friends their due swells to a dramatic climax as a sinister conspiracy unravels, testing his loyalty and intelligence. Deeply realized, warmly rendered characters, plenty of surprising twists, and a heartfelt, uplifting ending make this satisfying YA reading. It’s a tender, honest exploration of friendship and integrity. Readers will be wowed.

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The Impersonators

By Julie Mee

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Pub date February 8, 2021


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