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CREEPLES! by Patrick D. Pidgeon

A total hoot…

Pidgeon mixes a heady brew of science, unusual tech, and humor in this fun middle grade romp. As a fresher in the Aberdasher Academy of Very Weird Science, the unruly, ingenious Spigs is glad to be away from home. Together with the prim, brilliant T-Ray and the introverted techhead Peabo, Spigs is assigned to assist in the laboratory. But when the dean threatens to cut the department’s funding, the trio takes matter in their own hands, unaware of the chaos awaiting them. Laced with intrigue and humor, the fantastic SF science tale plays out at a dizzying pace as the trio races against time to unravel a sinister conspiracy that could destroy the world. Pidgeon skillfully blends ultra-advanced science with uncanny technology, the tension stays high, and a continuous sense of wonder compliments the humorous tone. Spigs, T-Ray, and Peabo make for a fictional trio that readers will hope to see again and again. Peppered with laugh-out-loud moments and weird science, the novel makes for a page-turner.


By Patrick D. Pidgeon

Greenleaf Book Group Press

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Pub date March 9, 2021

ISBN 9781626347755

Price $7.82 (USD) Kindle edition

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