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She Sees Ghosts by David Fitz-Gerald

A superbly paced, all-consuming tale…

In the award-winning Fitz-Gerald’s rich, vividly told latest, the part of the Adirondack Spirit Series set in the 1800s, a young girl struggles to navigate the ups and downs of her young life as the ghosts of troubled people haunt her dreams. Growing up in a freshly tamed town carved from the primeval forest, Mehitable has always seen ghosts. But after a blazing fire kills her family, a vengeful demon begins to haunt her. The more Mehitable withdraws from the human world, the harder it becomes for her to turn her back on the spirit world. Trying to attain some kind of normalcy, Mehitable joins her best friend and her husband to start afresh in another town, but the ghosts are here to stay. There is no shortage of intrigue in this engrossing story, and nearly every page is filled with fascinating period detail. The storytelling is engrossing, and Fitz-Gerald’s swiftly paced, meticulously researched narrative skillfully brings the idyllic small-town setting and his intriguing cast to life. Mehitable’s transition from a stary-eyed young girl to a mature woman is enthralling as is the heart wrenching backstory of the ghosts of the Revolutionary War. Combining historical fiction tropes with the elements of paranormal, Fitz-Gerald offers plenty of intrigue to keep the pages turning. The paranormal part is imbued nicely into the narrative, but the well-sketched leisurely routine of Mehitable and others remains the main attraction. The fans of occult fiction will find it hard to put this one down.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

She Sees Ghosts

The Story of a Woman Who Rescues Lost Souls: Part of the Adirondack Spirit Series

By David Fitz-Gerald

Outskirts Press

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Pub date October 25, 2020

ISBN 978-1977233578

Price $18.95 (USD) Paperback, $3.11 Kindle edition

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