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Book blurb: The Perfect Toy Soldier by Kristine Lee

Filled with bold, captivating illustrations and a heartwarming tale, The Perfect Toy Soldier is the story of a one-armed toy soldier and his search for a forever home.

Mr. Murray, the toymaker, takes great pride in his perfect toys. But Owen, the one-armed toy soldier, is not perfect: he has only one arm, and his nose is kind of too big. Longing to have a home to call his own, Owen is rejected again and again by children in favor of other perfect toys.

But when a little boy with a missing arm sees Owen, he knows the toy soldier is just like him—perfect.

Owen’s achingly heartfelt journey explores one’s longing for acceptance and understanding in the face of a physical disability… and also the potential for love and hope.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Perfect Toy Soldier

By Kristine Lee

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Pub date June 1, 2020


Price $3.20 (USD) Kindle edition, $21.00 Hardcover, $8.50 Paperback

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