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Blood Will Have Blood by Thomas H. Carry

Gritty, hard-boiled crime drama… An absolute page-turner.

Set in New York City in the late 1980s Carry’s outstanding latest effortlessly incorporates New York’s Broadway scene into a tale of violence, murder, and betrayal to deliver a gritty crime drama. It’s been seven years in New York for Scott Russo, a struggling actor, and all he has to show the world are a few bad theatrical gigs to his name. Broke and desperate, Scott jumps at the chance when his friend offers him work at a pot delivery service. But Scott is unaware of the world full of mayhem and bloodshed awaiting ahead. Carry’s gift for making all his characters, from the leads to the small players, credibly brings them to life. Scott as an antihero is the perfect mixture of cunning and nativity. Early on, he comes out as this laid-back, easy-going young man just drifting through life, but as the story grows more disturbing with Aiden and Sean’s entry in it, Carry smartly adds a chill to his personality. Carry’s take on other characters is equally effective, especially Aiden’s right-hand Sean, whose unsettling psychopathic tendencies cause real fright in readers’ hearts. Aiden as a hard-driving, ruthless crime boss shines. The shocking surprises keep coming as the plot builds to an impressive reveal. Carry is an expert when it comes to crafting a gritty plotline and resolving it in a satisfactory way, and he vividly evokes both the theater scene of New York and the seedy underbelly of criminals. Full of cynical hard-boiled humor and gut-wrenching scenes of violence and bloodshed, the novel makes for an addictive read. Carry deserves a wider readership.

Blood Will Have Blood

by Thomas H. Carry

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Bad Alley Books                                                         

Pub Date January 20, 2021

ISBN 9781642374155

Price $11.99 (USD)

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