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Book blurb: So Long Soleá: Love At First Site In 3 (Not So Easy) Steps by Andrew Dambe

Ingenious and witty, So Long Soleá takes readers into the riotous world of internet dating.

The flamenco guitar playing, cuisine-lover biochemist Zach is merely stumbling through life after a nasty break-up with his long-time girlfriend Rags, a homeopathic medico from Sweden, when he enters the world of online dating on his meddling attorney’s advice. As Zach begins his foray into the constantly shifting landscapes of internet dating and relationships, he realizes he is little prepared for the chaotic world of cyberspace dating.

Razor sharp, hilarious, and tender, So Long Soleá is a portrait of a man trying to make sense of his life in a tumultuous world of internet dating. It is also a revelatory tale of the intricacies—and the absurdities—of love, marriage, and relationships.

So Long Soleá

Love At First Site In 3 (Not So Easy) Steps

By Andrew Dambe

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Pub date October 6, 2020


Price $11.95 (USD) Paperback, $3.01 Kindle edition

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