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Disciple of Vishnu (Chronicles of a Lost Continent #2) by RK Singh

A delightful romp…

Singh continues the Chronicles of a Lost Continent series with this action-packed, adventurous installment. Arul continues his journey to the Royal City of Ailas with his pet wolf Jaya and his childhood friends Keeran and Navira to free his mentor, Guru Pari, who is awaiting execution at the Royal prison. Facing unknown dangers firsthand, Arul makes it to the Royal City with his companions, but finds himself face to face with a shocking revelation that will change his destiny forever. Readers will quickly find themselves captivated by the fast-moving narrative and well-constructed plot, sympathizing with Arul as the disappearance of his mother weighs heavily on his mind, creating a relentless emotional turmoil for him. The fiery Navira makes a triumphant protagonist, and Jaya with her wisdom and mysterious aura is one memorable character. Singh’s crisp prose, thorough characterization, and intriguing storyline make for an entertaining read.

Disciple of Vishnu

(Chronicles of a Lost Continent #2)

by RK Singh

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