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The Persistence of Memory (The Series) by Karen Janowsky


Skillful characterizations, heated romance, and a good dose of fantasy… Janowsky delivers an exciting series!

In Déjà vu, the first book of the series we see Daniel Hecht, a war hero and team leader of an underground group of superpowers misfits, finds himself strangely attracted to a new recruit, Nina Asher, after meeting her for the first time. Other than the strong pull they feel toward each other, they have something else in common as well; Nina has no recollection of her past, and Daniel is missing memories of several decades of his life. As they work together to unlock an ancient myth, they experience strange flashbacks from their pasts. To save the world, they must recollect their earlier lives. Readers hooked on the romantic struggles of Daniel and Nina in Déjà Vu will ecstatically devour the second installment in the series, All Our Yesterdays. As memories of their past lives resurface fully, Nina and Daniel join forces to destroy a secret weapon capable of mass destruction. Daniel’s earlier convictions shatter as someone from his past whom he loved dearly returns. The time to save the world is running out, and the couple is unaware of the ultimate sacrifices; they’re required to make for the sake of their love. The third installment, The Beginning of Always, sees the couple overwhelmed with intense emotions of desire, passion, jealousy, and possessiveness while fighting to save the world. The main draw in the series is Daniel and Nina’s passionate longing for each other and the sense of melancholy, which is an integral part of their love. The melancholy dominates all three books in the series and gives the story a haunting feel. Janowsky has this ability to create a gripping narrative which is rich with details and shines with romantic intrigue. Classic themes of love and sacrifice add emotional vigour to the theme. The fantasy element is light in the story with romance taking the centre stage. The characterization is thorough with Janowsky giving a clear and recognizable voice to several secondary characters including those with barely any presence in the story; Ishtar and Nimbanda. Janowsky paints a convincing portrait of the misfit superpowers, who with their humane afflictions struggle to attain order in a world full of chaos. The last two books in the series are heavy on intense love making, which slow down pace of the story sometimes. But fans of romance will love the couple’s sensual journey of discovery, which is erotic without being crass.



The Persistence of Memory (The Series)

by Karen Janowsky

Mill City Press


Book 1 Déjà Vu

February 22, 2019

ISBN 9781545662120

$14.49 Buy now


Book 2 All Our Yesterdays

February 25, 2019

ISBN 9781545662144

$14.49 Buy now


Book 3 The Beginning of Always

February 27, 2019

ISBN 9781545662168

$14.49 Buy now


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