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The Judge’s Demon (The Demons Inside Series) by Khris Pfeifer



A haunting novel that will appeal to readers of dark fiction…

France is in the midst of unrest, and the persecution of gypsies under the ruling of the corrupt King is in full swing. Judge Claude Fontaine, the King’s right man, is considered a hero among the masses. On one of his nightly raids against the gypsies, Claude comes across 14-year-old Marie and decides to keep her as a kept woman in his home. Leading a double life, Claude gets engaged in sadistic practices with the teen while keeping a perfect façade of a charming official in public. Pfeifer skillfully explores the Stockholm Syndrome in The Judge’s Demon—the way it makes the victims bond with their perpetrators. Combining cruelty with affection, Claude inspires several contradicting feelings in the young teen and keeps her trapped in the sadistic relationship. He gets engaged in sexual and physical abuse which slowly increases in intensity, making readers feel cold and experience every emotion the young girl feels as her fate unfolds slowly. Through several of its antagonists, the book allows readers to confront the dark, mad elements in society—it provides a glimpse into the mind of psychopathic individuals who live on the fringe and entertain their abnormal tendencies at the cost of innocent lives. Pfeifer’s narrative is raw, making the book a grim, dark read.


The Judge’s Demon

(The Demons Inside Series)

by Khris Pfeifer

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PUB DATE October 04, 2018

ISBN 9781726776837

PRICE $14.99 (USD)


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