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This is not a lie by S.C. Farrow

A poignant and evocative tale…

Set in 1984 in St Kilda, the bohemian beachside suburb of Melbourne, Farrow’s searing novel follows a brilliant young guitarist and songwriter as he sets on a path of self-destruction while struggling with his heroin addiction and sexuality. Joel Reed Foreman, the lead guitarist of The Blackhearts, a heavy metal band struggling to stay afloat, falls hard for Harry Engel, the unconventional and disarmingly charismatic vocalist and the band’s new singer. While success finally becomes a reality for the Blackhearts, Joel’s drug addiction and his attraction to Harry sets him on a path of self-destruction. Through Joel’s story, Farrow explores the adrenaline-charged and overwhelming emotional roller coaster of love. She skillfully captures the trepidation and excitement of his attraction to Harry, the way he justifies his conflicting feelings and treatment of the people around him. In the trajectory of his developing relationship with Harry, he traverses the rocky road of love by throwing himself blindly to passion. His continuous struggle with addiction, self-loathing, and his sexuality affect his choices, impacting those around him.  Farrow’s writing is assured, her prose elegant, and the characterization first-rate. Her descriptive eye lends beauty and authenticity to the multilayered, complex narrative. Through Joel’s story, Farrow examines LGBT issues during 80s, substance abuse and drug addiction, the ramifications of one’s actions, love, impulsiveness, and how the person one chooses to be with can impact not only one’s own individuality but also the family and friends. Fallow has crafted a devastating, thoroughly engrossing story.

This is not a lie

By S.C. Farrow

Dixi Books Publishing

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Pub date November 28, 2020

ISBN 9781913680

price £13.99 Paperback

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