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That One Green Tile by Britta Johanna

An enigmatic and thoroughly addictive tale…

Johanna compellingly explores the common factors that unites us as well as the differences that make each of us unique in her delightful latest. When her mother tells the little girl that there’s someone else who looks just like her and lives somewhere else in the world, the little girl calmly breezes through a journey of imagination, visualizing the other person in different parts of the world. The simple text, written in rhythmic tone has a mysterious touch to it, offering young readers possibilities for contemplations and discovery and at the same time involving them directly into the story: “She likely visits her grandpa / every Sunday in June, / And counts the floating jellyfish / beneath the Italian moon.” The personality-laden illustrations in warm and bold colors give readers a taste of the pace of life in other countries. With its young protagonist’s beautifully imagined scenarios, this charming tale offers a little something for everyone.

That One Green Tile

By Britta Johanna


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Pub date August 11, 2020

ISBN 978-1525569913

Price $17.15 (USD) Paperback, $27.56 Hardcover, $5.26 Kindle edition

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