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Muff Stuff by Ann Royal Nicholas



Believable characters; witty dialogue; and a blend of books, baking, and pet antics make Muff Stuff a breezy read…

Nicholas’s 3rd mystery, Muff Stuff, set in LA’s Southland, finds Sarah, a baking whiz and member of LA’s most dynamic women’s book club, The Muffia, trying to make ends meet after separating from her philandering husband. As if the financial strain is not enough, Sarah is weighed down with plenty of personal problems. There are also rumors of missing pets in the neighborhood, with the family’s adopted French bulldog, Flan, barely escaping a kidnapping attempt. The Muffia gets involved after one of its members’ Boston terriers go missing in the middle of her Labor Day barbecue. With the help of a vindictive pug owner and three fluffy bichon frises, the “muffs” lay out a plan to nab the dog thieves. In good-humored fashion, Nicholas expertly explores Sarah’s multiple difficulties, while the latter whips up baked goodies for her future baking empire. The mystery element is light in the story and The Muffia’s investigation into the missing dogs happens only in the last one-third of the book. The final solution itself may be a bit too convenient, but the events leading up to it are side-splitting and highly entertaining. And Flan’s dog antics are endearing. It will be better for the reader to start from The Muffia’s first adventure as this story has some spoilers from earlier books in the series. Fans of chick-lit and cozies will be equally rewarded.


Muff Stuff

by Ann Royal Nicholas

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PUB DATE March11, 2019

ISBN 9780990708032




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