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The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth



A riveting pace and a set of intriguing characters help keep the pages turning…

Lucy, who lost her mother at a young age and hoped to find a mother in her mother-in-law, is met with disappointment after she meets Diana Goodwin, her husband’s mother who is outright cold toward her. After Diana is found dead with a suicide note, the family find they have a few shocking surprises in store for them. But the worst is yet to come; as the investigation of the suicide turns into a homicide, all the family members become suspects. With many secrets to hide and a vast inheritance at stake, is it possible that one of them killed Diana? The chapters alternate between Diana and Lucy’s first-person narrative, and the reader witnesses Diana’s righteous attitude slowly weighs her children down. Hepworth keeps the reader engrossed with her characters’ conflicting emotions as she unravels their hidden personalities. There’s no reveal or a red herring that color readers’ perception or allow them to guess identity of the murderer; the ball is in Hepworth’s court. While the last reveal is not astounding, it makes for a satisfactory conclusion.



The Mother-in-Law

by Sally Hepworth

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St. Martin’s Press

Pub Date 23 Apr 2019

ISBN 9781250120922

PRICE $27.99 (USD)

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