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Nordstrom Necromancer: A New Adult Dark Fantasy Inspired By Norse Mythology by Amy B. Nixon

Compellingly readable and an unpredictable thrilling ride…

Nixon debuts her new adult dark fantasy series with this enjoyable blend of intrigue, daring escapades, and exhilarating action. Twenty-year-old Learyn Dustrikke is struggling with the usual worries of adulthood when she learns about her supernatural bloodline: she’s a descendent of long line of Scandinavian necromancers—sorcerers born with a rare type of magic that dilutes the borders of life and afterlife. With her life in danger, Learyn is forced to leave her home and city of San Francisco for the mysterious Nordstrøm Island in Norway. Packed with the powerful magic she’s unable to control, Learyn finds herself with more questions than answers as she begins her new life in the ominous island. In this fantastically created urban fantasy universe, something delightfully improbable happens on almost every page as Learyn struggles to come to terms with her supernatural legacy.  Learyn remains among the most engaging protagonists in the story. Her kick-ass attitude and resilience combined with her wit give the book the bittersweet air of a traditional fairytale story. Dann is a thorough darling, and his underlying romantic chemistry with the lovely Learyn gives the story a sensual undercurrent. The antagonists, though stay in shadows are thoroughly ominous. Nixon lifts the plot with twisty and not-so-obvious obstacles, including the Dustrikke’s ancient history and the legendry Freya’s four-hundred-year-old curse. The dialogue is both sharp and witty (“During lunchtime, I weighed my options – go see dead people in an evocation exercise, or go read about dead people in the library. My choice was a no-brainer.”). Nixon sneaks in plenty of Norse mythology while never overdoing the comedy. The lovers of urban fantasy won’t want to miss this one.

Nordstrom Necromancer

A New Adult Dark Fantasy Inspired By Norse Mythology

By Amy B. Nixon

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Pub date October 20, 2020


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