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Raven Rain: A Johnny Delarosa Thriller (The Delarosa Series Book 3) by David Stever

A stand-out…

Stever’s solid third Johnny Delarosa thriller finds the Port City private eye trying to unravel a sinister blackmail conspiracy. The former pro football star—turned car dealer—Stan Shelton assigns Johnny to look into a blackmail scheme. But when a woman is found murdered, it becomes extremely difficult for Johnny to keep his client’s name out of the mess. Meanwhile, Monica Mattson, a police detective, is working a sex trafficking case that’s focused on the very same escort service Shelton had been using. Johnny pairs up with Monica to get to the root of the case. Stever layers much emotion into the narrative as he deepens Johnny and Katie’s characters. Johnny is a deeply flawed but empathetic protagonist, and readers will be on the edge of their seats as he is pressed into a long spiral of deceit and death while trying to find the truth. Determined to make something out of her budding PI career, Katie has enough depth to sustain a long-running series. The unexpected twist at the end will assure readers that the eluding Talia’s chapter in Johnny’s life is far from over. Stever masterfully blends various characters’ backstories, setting, and investigative detail while his tight plotting and sophisticated twists fuel the rich storytelling. The crisp, biting dialogue and the protagonists’ increasingly complex life make this an ever more compelling series. Anyone who loves a precisely crafted, sophisticated mystery should curl up leisurely with a cuppa to relish this impressive installment.

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Raven Rain: A Johnny Delarosa Thriller

The Delarosa Series Book 3

By David Stever

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