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Book blurb: To See The Unseen by Emily Apfel

Molecules: Lately, Luke’s been seeing large atoms in all kinds of ways . . .

Luke knows he cannot disclose his ADHD and dyslexia even to his closest friends. The fear of being judged is something every teenager fears. And Luke is just a regular 14-year-old.

An accident in his dad’s lab… And now Luke can see people in their purest form — as molecules that change color in par with a person’s emotions.

At first, it’s overwhelming seeing people as large atoms. But if there’s one thing Luke’s learned from living with his learning disabilities, it’s that he must make the most out of his situation.

And now Luke has power — to help those who really need help…

Emily Apfel delivers an insightful, dynamic story capturing a teen’s middle-school life. Readers will connect with Luke’s journey as he navigates a tough world with a heartfelt desire for making the most out of his situation.

To See The Unseen

By Emily Apfel

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