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The Brigands: Players of the Game Book 2 by James McGowan

A tale that crackles with action and occult thrills…

McGowan’s troubled antihero, the ruthless pyromancer Ashe Stelfire, is back once again in this riveting second installment in the Players of the Game series. Avril exists as a living ghost while her body lies inert in the confined dimensions of the Panic Room away from the clutches of Dread Corps. The only way Avril can get back to her real self is by reclaiming her stolen black sword. Ashe must help Avril. And to do that, he must face Nirva, his ex and Avril’s mother. While the empress has demonic armies of super tech and sorcery on her side, Ashe has Brigands, a band of powerful mercenaries. Thus begins Ashe’s descent into a war where a win comes with a steep price. McGowan throws in a huge cast of characters, and his non-human figures (example; Haloni) are as interesting as the humans, sphinxes, mechmancers, and pyromancer. The explosive battle scenes, exciting action, and high-tech monsters and sorcery keep the reader invested, but what really carries the plot is the characters’ emotional and interpersonal dynamics. McGowan’ skill at developing nuanced characters who feel as though they could walk off the page infuses the story with both depth and substance. Readers who haven’t read the first book would benefit from starting at the beginning of the series. Ingeniously plotted, ripe on action, and showcasing a sinister set of villains who are as menacing as they are sinister, the book is a must-read for the discerning dark science fantasy fan.

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The Brigands

Players of the Game Book 2

By James McGowan

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