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From the Water’s Edge: A collection of poetry written while wandering (Volume Book 1) by Shun P. Writes

Measured and reflective…

Meditative and precise, this debut collection of poetry from Writes offers meditations on soul-searching and redemption. Feelings of loss and pain and realities of joy and happiness suffuse these poems, and a quest toward understanding self stays in the background as Writes duly acknowledges God’s hand in attaining redemption and self-discovery. Loneliness somehow feels more vivid in “Prescription of the Lonely” as he writes: “Absence of touch / a prescription of indifference / as the lonely languish / on the shores.” In “Those Melancholy melodies,” Writes navigates literal and metaphorical boundaries, probing language’s limits in regards to pain. Though he touches various themes, Writes’s goals stay clear: he looks to God in his search for purpose and redemption. Writes’ prose is lush and his imaginary resonant. For all its easily flowing language, this is a carefully constructed, thoughtful collection about the complexities of introspections.

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From the Water’s Edge

A collection of poetry written while wandering (Volume Book 1)

By Shun P. Writes

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Pub date July 1, 2019


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