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Amerikana: A Novel by Daniel Hryhorczuk

A whopper of a conspiracy thriller…

Hryhorczuk makes his foray into fiction with this exhaustively researched page-turner about political coverups and conspiracies, savage assassins, corrupt religious organizations, and individual debauchery. Mark Rider, a Journalism student, is on a cross-country road trip in his search of authentic America through his blog, Americana. Mark’s journey is interrupted by the lovely Tanya, a Ukrainian sculptress, who is on the run from a Russian oligarch’s yacht and her rapist, a powerful U.S. Senator. As Mark and Tanya try to evade their pursuer, a sadistic Russian hit man, they unravel a shocking international conspiracy that has the power to alter the political future of America. Will they find a way to expose the underlying corruption while keeping themselves alive? Hryhorczuk spices up the usual political thriller theme with Da Vinci-style action elements, including religious fervor and corrupt religious figures, political conspiracies, heart-thumping action, savage mob bosses, cross-country chase, and a sadistic hit man who revels in the thrill of chase. Hryhorczuk skillfully weaves elements of religion and philosophy into the narrative; the believers and agnostics philosophies, musings about God’s will and ways, exploration of the evangelical concepts, citing from Bible, though are in abundance, they never become long-winded or irreverent. Hryhorczuk skillfully digs into his characters’ turbulent psyches: Mark with his strict religious upbringing and strong moral values relentlessly struggles with the concept of moralities and sin. His coming-of-age is beautifully conveyed as he eventually realizes how much of that dilemma was in fact projection of his own anxieties and longings (he reflects, “Perhaps one did not have to choose between the world of man and the kingdom of God to be saved.”). Tanya wins readers’ hearts with her resilience and strength as she rises above every difficulty thrown her way. Through Mark and Tanya’s journey, Hryhorczuk takes readers into some of America’s most exhilarating locations, historical markers, world-famous restaurants, and landmarks such as the Blue Ridge Mountains, Death Valley, the San Juan Islands, Yellowstone among others while exploring its intricate regional cultures and vulnerabilities. The intriguing cross-country chase, relentless suspense, and fascinating cultural lore will keep readers turning the pages. Superior and plausible worldbuilding, the backdrop of authentic America with its abandoned theme parks, junkyards, haunted highways, folklore, colorful legends, art, and music match an ingeniously imaginative premise. The underlying themes of political corruption, the rule of law, technology misuse, and fake news stay relevant and timely. Hryhorczuk has assembled a whopper of a plot that will please both thriller enthusiasts and conspiracy buffs.

Amerikana: A Novel

By Daniel Hryhorczuk

Golden Bough LLC

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Pub date July 21, 2020


Price $7.16 (USD) Kindle edition, $16.99 Paperback

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