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Pacita the Pacifier Fairy by Charlotte Attry (Author), Jeremie Febvre (Author), Sophie Lawson (Author), Olivier Huette (Illustrator)

Whimsical and utterly charming…

A pacifier fairy comes to the rescue of a little one who finds it hard to let go of their pacifier in this charming tale by Attry, Febvre, and Lawson. What happens when little one finds it hard to part with their binky? Pacita, the pacifier fairy, stows it away in her fairy adobe, leaving a beautiful letter full of wisdom and grace in its place. The main appeal of the book is not just the excellent combination of rhymed narrative but also the charming illustrations — Olivier Huette’s personality-laden drawings peppered with rich, bright colors efficiently convey little one’s many, recognizable amusing emotions through tiny shifts in facial movements; from the agony of letting go of the pacifier to trying to be brave and taking a step toward growing up is achieved with ease. The fun rhythmic text and Pacita’s warm presence add homey comfort. The authors don’t insist that young ones warm right up to the idea of living without their soothers. Sometimes, it takes a long time for them to let go of their pacifiers. Just right for parents of young children, the illustrated pages, including notes and interview with a child psychologist at the end offer a useful guide as the child takes the crucial step toward development. A charming, detailed primer for easing children into letting go of their precious pacifier.

Pacita the Pacifier Fairy

by Charlotte Attry  (Author), Jeremie Febvre (Author), Sophie Lawson (Author), Olivier Huette (Illustrator)

Beyond the Bridge Communications, LLC

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Pub date August 1, 2020

ISBN 9781733456807

Price $14.90 (USD) Hardcover

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