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Tabernacle by Marc Cavella

Sharply written and wonderfully wrought, this dark comedy packs a powerful punch….

Cavella’s outstanding debut centers on an insurance agent’s quest to earn the biggest commission of his career. Edward Jones is known for getting the job done. But closing his latest sale that involves the much-loved Mormon educator Jared Young is proving to be difficult. However, Edward is ready to go to any length to get the work done. Cavella has an ear for dialogue and authentic voices, and his knack for compelling prose is very much on display. His sardonic tone laced with wry humor is perfectly suited for Edward’s corrupt moral sense. Whereas Pablo’s innocence and honesty are refreshing, Cavella’s portrayals of Edward’s tender side bring a sense of lightheartedness and positivity to the otherwise dark theme. Cavella’s confident handling of his protagonist’s different sides and his original plot and its expert execution make this one a page-turner. Lovers of literary fiction will be wise to pick this one.


By Marc Cavella

Belle Devereaux Publishing LLC

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Pub date September 23, 2019


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