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The Stranger Inside by Laura Benedict



Absorbing narrative with inconvincible ending…

Kimber Hannon returns home after four days of vacation in the Lake of the Ozarks, to find that the key to her home doesn’t work. Apparently, the next-door neighbor has rented the place to a stranger, Lance Wilson, for six months. The police are unable to do anything as Lance has a lease with Kimber’s signatures on it. A scuffle follows between the two in which Kimber accidently knocks the man down. Threatening her with the revelation of her apparent hand in the two-decade old death of her sister, Michelle, Lance Wilson gets her arrested for assault. In a surprising twist, a neighbour is murdered soon afterward. The police rule the death as an accident, but Kimble has her own suspicions. With Kimble’s unreliable personality, Benedict’s book is another one in the series of a generic set of recent thrillers featuring unreliable female protagonists. Despite her obvious handicaps, she is able to solve the mystery at the end, whereas the police fail. With the creepy premise and Benedict’s reputation as an intelligent writer, readers expect more when it’s time for the big reveal at the end; the average suspense reader will guess all the big reveals early in the story.


The Stranger Inside

by Laura Benedict

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Pub Date 05 Feb 2019

ISBN 9780316444927

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