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Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near-Death Experience by Bud Megargee

soul afterlife


A compelling, must-read guide for those interested in soul’s journey after death…

Megargee—former senior healthcare executive; a Washington, DC, healthcare lobbyist; and award-winning author—draws both on his personal journey of self-discovery and other people’s mystical experiences as he examines death as a concept with due complexity, soul life, and the process of plausible reincarnation. Megargee begins with “The Octopus Analogy” (the world of a cluster of souls within the framework of a sea creature), continues through soul’s seven senses and the seven heavens and seven hells, and covers soul reincarnation, vibration, frequency and reincarnation, soul life, duplicate souls, and the concept of soul transformation as he details how after a soul learns to control its own outcome, all the other desires, both while living and in afterlife, fall into place. As a practiced Buddhist, he documents wide-ranging Buddhist theories: when the time comes for a soul to detach from its human shell, the personal experience varies, depending on individual faceting of energy; how form connects breath to existence, life, and movement; how when the soul leaves the body, it exits with its chakra field and how an uncleaned chakra field holds the power to bind the soul to itself, capturing it eternally in the process; how the thoughts have the capacity to take a solid form and affect initial afterlife experience; how there’s a direct link between different vibrations of sound (the sound of breath, the sound of being, and the sound of vibration) and incarnation among others. The smoothly paced narrative with sections dedicated solely to transcriptions of thoughtful conversations between Megargee and Laz, his “soul guide,” (which make the book’s heavier metaphysical theme accessible for beginner spiritual readers as the conversations put the respective chapter’s mostly abstract considerations into straightforward, easily accessible definitions) offers a persuasive analysis of how souls are created and where they go after death as well as a well-reasoned critique of the ego dissolution and how it affects spiritual awakening. What sets this apart from the numerous other well-sourced books on death and soul afterlife is Megargee’s genuine candor and his ability to explain the most intricate metaphysical concepts with ease and accessibility. Megargee’s eloquent understanding of how death and the complex afterlife soul is viewed through Eastern religions is fresh, engrossing, and will appeal to spiritual explorers of any stripe including the beginners. The informed spiritual readers will feel right at home.


Soul Afterlife

Beyond the Near-Death Experience

By Bud Megargee

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Pub date February 27, 2020

ISBN 979-8615081217

Price $12.48 (USD) Paperback, $2,94 Kindle edition

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