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One Last Move by Wes Snowden

one last move

A stellar mystery…

Packed with skill and nuance, Snowden’s latest is a treat for serious mystery buffs. When Doctor Lawrence Rosewood’s best friend and business partner Ted Villeneuve committed suicide, the latter left a Pandora’s box of mess in his wake. With dwindling finances, a million-dollar lawsuit, and a consortium of criminals with their sights on gaining foothold in the Golden Ages chain of retirement homes, Lawrence and Ted’s long-established business, Lawrence is at his wits end. To get out of the unsavory mess created by his late friend, Lawrence must up his game or risk losing everything precious to him. Lawrence makes for a charming character with his efficient personality, thoughtful nature, and sharp intellect. The plot is heavily layered with varied angles and multiple plot threads, all explicated in masterful style. Snowden creates psychologically plausible leads, neatly tying up all the loose ends. Lovers of finely constructed literary mysteries will be greatly rewarded.

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One Last Move

By Wes Snowden

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Corvent Creative

Pub date march 30, 2020


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