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A Feigned Madness by Tonya Mitchell

feigned madness


Simply addictive…

Set in 1890s, Mitchell’s meticulously-researched, gripping novel tells fictionalized account of the daredevil journalist Nellie Bly’s journey of breaking through the gender barriers as she sets on a path to unravel dark secrets of authorities at a mental asylum. The institutions for the insane on Blackwell’s Island in New York City’s East River are notoriously famous for one thing: it’s easy to get in, but once there, it is impossible to get out. Disgusted by the unfair gender-based practices, the ambitious Elizabeth Cochrane takes on a dangerous assignment of exposing corrupt authorities at one of the asylums to prove her expertise as a reporter, putting her life at risk. Through Elizabeth’s journey, Mitchell sketches a vivid and at times horrifying portrait of the asylum, revealing a bleak picture of institutional failure. The audacious scenarios Elizabeth finds herself in ring with authenticity. Brilliantly tackling Elizabeth’s past and present, Mitchell has delivered a satisfying and riveting tale. Historical fiction lovers are in for a treat.


A Feigned Madness

By Tonya Mitchell

Cynren Press

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Pub date October 6, 2020


Price $9.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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