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False Front (Bishop Security #1) by Debbie Baldwin

false front


An intricately woven, arresting romantic thriller…

Endless plot twists go hand in hand with psychological depth in this sizzling romantic thriller from Baldwin. Eight-year-old Emily Webster had lost her sense of “normal” after becoming a pawn in her billionaire father’s one of powerful enemies’ revenge game. Her kidnapping forced her father to send her away to start life with a new identity. Now as Emma Porter, Emily seems to have everything but peace of mind. Nathan Bishop is trying to deal with his own personal demons as he hides behind a facade of recklessness. A media assignment brings Emma face to face with her long-lost childhood friend. Struggling with his newfound feelings for the enigmatic Emma, Nathan’s ambivalence gives way to love. But an old villain is back with a sinister agenda. Endless twists and breathless tension permeate the strong plot, which alternates between Emily and Nathan’s backstory and the antagonist’s sinister vendetta. Emma’s deep-rooted anxiety and fragility is put next to Nathan’s reckless facade as he helps her come to terms with her past trauma while she inspires him to deal with his inner turmoil. Baldwin delves deep into her protagonists’ psychological underpinnings, and Emma and Nathan’s characters grow and change with a realism that adds authenticity to the plot. By efficiently merging endless twists with a solid plot punch, Baldwin fortifies the impact of a story line that is hefty on constant tension, sensual romance, and psychological depth. Complex characterizations and a fast-paced plot filled with romance and suspense will make readers eagerly wait for the next in the series.


False Front

(Bishop Security #1)

By Debbie Baldwin

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Gatekeeper Press

Pub date April 24, 2020

ISBN 978-1642379266

Price $15.99 (USD) Paperback, $24.99 Hardcover, $7.23 Kindle edition

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