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The Legacy Commencement by R. A. Schwartz

legacy commencment

An intriguing romance…

Schwartz makes her debut with this honest exploration of identity and sexuality. When Roman Lawrence, a communia, started his first year at the Aesop’s Institute of Maxia, he wasn’t too thrilled to meet the charming Stefan Blake, an Opulentus, because of his privileged roots. But Stefan bullies his way into Roman’s heart with his relentless devotion and honesty. The things look rosy until a vicious villain decides he wants Roman all for himself. Schwartz creates an intriguing world of teen romance set against the backdrop of Nesoi Island in the continental US. The fantasy element takes second place to the love story as Schwartz focuses on the significant turning points in the boys’ relationship (and their children’s), especially as Roman comes to understand that his feelings for Stephan extend beyond friendship. At its core, this is a story of friendship and also a reminder that true love should be without boundaries and without shame.


The Legacy Commencement

by R. A. Schwartz

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Britain’s Next Bestseller

Pub date August 13, 2019

ISBN 9781910565933

Price $9.31 (USD) Paperback, $2.31 Kindle edition

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