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The Wake Trilogy (3-book Series) by Sasha Devore


A total fun…

A mind-boggling adventure, Devore’s 3-part thrilling dystopian series tells the story of a young hero who is struggling to save the humanity from the outer-space villains. When the Ancient Ones offered to save the humanity from self-destruction in the first installment of the series, no one on Earth had any idea about their ulterior motives. Now a hundred years have passed, and the planet is controlled by the ruthless aliens. When 14-years-old Hanu gets a chance to escape the psychiatrist facility on his way to the District of Operations with other patients, he doesn’t think twice. A group of Dissenters help Hanu and other escapees realize a harsh reality about the life on Earth: the Ancient Ones are here to destroy the humanity, and the only way to stop them from doing so is by closing the portals permanently. In the second installment, as the full-fledged member of the Dissenter organization, Hanu is determined to destroy the portals that the Ancient Ones exploit to enter the planet. But an accident throws him in the middle of a desert. Now he must find his way back to the Underground or risk letting the Ancient Ones win. In the third installment, the City of Fire and the Underground City’s governments are unable to reach any resolution with the civil war at its peak. With the approaching Year One, an event that will implement the Ancient Ones’ complete autonomy over Earth, it becomes imperative that Hanu and his friends destroy the Ancient Ones completely or risk humanity’s complete annihilation. Devore’s characters are multidimensional and memorable: a charismatic hybrid, a gifted teenager and his loyal group of friends, a genius organization, a malevolent outer-space villain who learns to accept the human values, the ruthless aliens – antagonists or heroes, all the characters make an impression with their well-rounded portrayal. The intriguing intergalactic world and the setting of the dystopian Earth add to the intrigue. The series is recognizable as a space opera, but everything from humanity’s self-destruction to the politics of the Intergalactic Council is richly detailed, providing depth to the story. With its exciting, swashbuckling adventures of ordinary heroes and beautifully written accessible prose, the series will appeal to readers of any age including the young and old. A brilliant series to introduce the middle graders or early teens to the world of dystopian fiction.

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The Wake Trilogy

(3-book Series)

By Sasha Devore

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Red Pendulum Press 


Wake of Deception: Book 1

Pub date October 26, 2016

Price $2.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $10.99 Paperback


Wake of Dissent: Book 2

Pub date August 8, 2018

Price $2.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $11.99 Paperback


Year One: Book 3

Pub date June 18, 2020

Price $2.99 (USD) Kindle edition


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