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Pup in Training (The Dolcey Series) by Sojourner McConnell

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A story meant to teach children the importance of being kind and to think about others, young readers will delight in Dolcey’s unique fairy adventures…

Pup in Training is a chapter book aimed at young readers (5-7 years), the third instalment in The Dolcey Series and it features, Dolcey, A feisty eight-year-old fairy who is not at all happy about the prospect of staying indoors on a rainy day. Quince, Dolcey’s mother decides to take her on an adventure trip beyond the salty sea and teach her a valuable lesson while helping a spoiled nine-year-old girl. Occasional sophisticated words (“alleviator”; “humidity”) may challenge readers younger than six, but there’s fun vocabulary activity at the end to help learn difficult words. For kids younger than six, this book may work best as a read aloud.



Pup in Training (The Dolcey Series)

by Sojourner McConnell

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PUB DATE January 20, 2019

ISBN 9781794445956

PRICE $11.20 (USD)


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