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Inside the Gold-Plated Pistol by Cynthia Bruchman

inside the gol plated pistol

Absolutely fascinating…

Set in 1928 in Arizona and California, Bruchman’s incredible latest tells the story of two young women trying to realize their dreams. A gold-plated pistol with a dreadful history that once belonged to an iconic director brings three unlikely people together and changes their lives forever: a privileged young woman dreaming of becoming a movie star, a young Hopi woman trying to find her place in the world, and a veteran of WWI struggling to come to terms with the horrors of the war. Bruchman fictionalizes the lives of her characters, throwing them in actual historic situations and events as iconic historical figures of the showbiz such as Jack Holt, Fritz Lang, Gary Cooper, Zane Grey make their entries. She intertwines the dense emotional quotient of the story with the showbiz glitz of the silent movie era of early 20th century: the filming of a Fritz Lang’s German-Expressionist movie in the decadence of post- war Berlin, a Zane Grey western shoot in Arizona, Sally’s performance with her dance troupe, Copper Cuties, in the mining town of Jerome. Bruchman delves deeper into the lives of her characters’ stories, exploring their hopes, their longings, their fears, and the desperations that drive them. Kay wears her oddity like a jewel. Her journey — from traveling in tatters to deliver Sally’s possessions to a self-assured member of a flying crew — is illustrated with understanding and insight. George’s story is as aching as it is heartwarming. The intrigue abounds in this fascinating novel, which touches the heart while illuminating the ever-changing human dreams.


Inside the Gold-Plated Pistol

By Cynthia Bruchman

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Pub date October 23, 2019


Price $2.88 (USD) Kindle edition, $5.98 Paperback



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