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The Half Sister by Sandie Jones

the half sister
A lackluster read…
This fairly average domestic thriller, Jones’s latest, disappoints with its dull narrative, flat characterization, and predictable ending. When the siblings Kate and Lauren leave for their mother Rose’s house for their obligatory Sunday lunch get-together, they have no idea their lives are going to change forever. An unexpected visitor, a young woman Jess, arrives at the door, expecting to meet her father. Harry, their father, has already died a year earlier. The siblings refuse to accept the stranger as their half-sister, but the result of a DNA report force them to look back in their past and make them realize their life has always been built on a foundation of lies. The third-person narrative that alternates between the two sisters is bogged down with unnecessary domestic drama, failing to keep the reader invested in the story. The main mystery in itself is predictable, and Jones’s characterization lacks both depth and substance. A disappointing read.

The Half Sister

By Sandie Jones

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ISBN 9781250265517

Price $27.99 (USD) Hardcover

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