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Ripped Away (Uncommon Senses #2) by S.D. Christopher

Ripped away


An ingenious blend of hard-boiled crime and science fiction, Christopher’s gripping drama is both superbly executed and deeply absorbing…

Christopher’s original concept and engrossing storytelling strengthens this novel, the second installment in the Uncommon Senses series, where ordinary people powered with enhanced senses turn vigilante for a greater cause. After losing one of their own to an untimely death, the Sensitives are trying to deal with their overwhelming special powers, while searching for other Sensitives with enhanced senses. But when Dr. Maddy Gibson, the psychotherapist and mentor to Sensitives, detects a disturbing trend: her patients with special powers are vanishing under mysterious circumstances, a dangerous plot aimed at weaponizing the Sensitives seems like an immediate possibility. With a very few people at hand, it becomes imperative for the Sensitives to recruit more individuals for their cause, while intensifying their efforts of locating the missing patients. In the meantime, the Ripper case is as good as closed in police files, but SJPD Sgt. Troy Weathers finds it hard to let go as a few loose ends continue to bother him. Troy and his new partner attempt to tie the loose ends in the Ripper Murders, while also investigating the kidnapping of a young woman. The book has all the elements of a hard-boiled police procedural as well intrigues of a deeply absorbing science fiction story. Christopher’s characterization is top notch with realistic, thoroughly-sketched characters, but his best creation is the hard-boiled Troy as the not-so-conventional detective, who impressed as a rookie in the first installment. Readers will take pleasure in following Troy’s somewhat mindful exploits. The Sensitives with their enhanced abilities and whimsical persona make for an intriguing bunch in the large cast of characters. The story is a bit difficult to get into at first, especially if you’ve not read the first book in the series, but once the reader gets in the story, there is no turning back: with his assured writing and gripping narrative, Christopher keeps the reader riveted through this entire, satisfying tale. Investing the various storylines with an original concept, a shockingly real cast of characters with or without enhanced senses, and a terrifically enjoyable mix of sharp dialogue, atmospheric setting and crisp prose, Christopher closes this tense, fascinating story with a knockout ending. Lovers of crime fiction and well-crafted science fiction will be highly rewarded. A must read.


Ripped Away

(Uncommon Senses #2)

by S.D. Christopher

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Pub date April 7, 2020


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