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Teen Little Black Book: #Sadfishing Talk to Kids by Patrice M Foster

teen little balck book


A fascinating, hands-on guide…

Foster’s latest is a comprehensive study of how technology impacts teens’ lives as she examines the drastic effects of social media and technology usage on teenager brain. Based on the scientific working of the brain and her own experience with social media, Foster takes a thoughtful look at dilemmas arising from technology and social media usage. Other than rampant bullying, sadfishing, oversharing, sexting, the social media pressures the teenagers to appear perfect, leading to loneliness, body image issues, and an onset of various self-destructive behaviors. The book sis divided into separate sections, and the concluding chapter comes with guiding principles for parents to help teens with the proper use of technology. Foster delivers a thoroughly useful guide about the damaging impact of social media and technology on teenagers, highlighting how adults can help balance its inevitable use. Parents and educators will find this practical guide a valuable addition to their shelves.


Teen Little Black Book: #Sadfishing Talk to Kids

By Patrice M Foster

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Pub date February 14, 2020


Price $0.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.99 Paperback


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