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Walk-In Investigations: Streaming Sarah by Joyce Kostakis

walk in investigations streaming sarah


Intrigue-filled and thoroughly engrossing…

Sharp investigative details, expert plotting, and a heavy dose of paranormal mark Kostakis’s first installment in the Walk-In Investigations series. A near death experience not only changes Homicide Detective Katie Hanson’s perspective about the traumatic events of her childhood but also bequeaths her the ability of streaming a dead person’s consciousness. But solving murder cases using her newfound ability is entirely another matter as the dead’s memory of the events surrounding their death is as flawed as those of the living’s. Kostakis neatly installs the intrigue of a police procedural into the elements of paranormal, constructing a smoothly flowing mystery. The measured prose, a stirring atmosphere filled with all sorts of odd occurrences, and the increasingly complex life of Katie make this a compelling read as Kostakis skillfully weaves the disparate plot strands into a wholly satisfying ending. Fans of paranormal mysteries will be greatly rewarded.

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Walk-In Investigations

Streaming Sarah

by Joyce Kostakis

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Pub date June 29, 2016

ISBN 9780692753545

Price $11.95 (USD) Paperback, $3.04 Kindle edition

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