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A Convenient Date by Sarah Gerdes

a convinient date

An eloquent and stirring tale…

Discovering real love is at the heart of this tender novel, but Gerdes also blends issues of trust, friendship, and enduring relationships into her poignant account of a woman’s journey of finding love. The unexpected death of her young husband pushes Kaitlyn Reid into deep pits of grief, but the revelation that her husband fathered a son with another woman not only shatters Kaitlyn’s illusion of financial security but also her faith in true love. When the charming Rick Santos, a recently divorced financier, enters Kaitlyn’s life as a convenient date to accompany her to various social engagements, Kaitlyn doesn’t think much about it. But when a friendship based on trust and honesty gradually turns into something more, her husband’s past betrayal becomes a hurdle, preventing Kaitlyn from moving ahead in the relationship. Gerdes deftly portrays Kaitlyn’s grief over her late husband’s betrayal as it shades into a cynical conviction, leaving her unable to trust men or put her trust in a new relationship. Kaitlyn’s ambition and strong sense of justice (even if her determination to do the “right” always may put her own self in harm’s path) make her a sympathetic character. While the taut prose powerfully conveys Kaitlyn’s sense of internal confinement, Gerdes’s layered narrative and intricate plotting make it a simple, yet deep depiction of the intense pain of a betrayal. Lovers of women’s fiction will enjoy immersing themselves in the lives of Gerdes’s deftly drawn, heartfelt characters. An endearing story of love.


A Convenient Date

by Sarah Gerdes

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RPM Publishing

Pub date December 22, 2015

ASIN B019Q140F4

Price $4.02 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.95 Paperback


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