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In a Moment by Sarah Gerdes

in a moment


A warmly satisfying read…

A woman comes to term with soured relationships and ultimate betrayal in Gerdes’s beautifully written, gripping novel about treachery, the redemptive power of true love, and the special bond that comes from genuine friendship. Lindy Gordon has it all: a successful, thriving career and a solid marriage. But an accident briefly ends Lindy’s life, leaving her with a scar, cracked bones, and fractured images that make no sense. As her body heals, she learns little in her past was what she believed it to be. The one relationship that she held close to her heart has soured, love is lost, and an ultimate betrayal results in a devastating financial blow to her business. With an underlying faith to sustain her, Lindy works to save friendships, renew family ties, and open her mind and heart to the one who could truly love her. Gerdes’s writing is heartfelt and earnest, and her plot is cleverly constructed, driven by a smoothly paced narrative. There are a lot of complex issues: sexual predators, rape, high-risk teens among others that Gerdes skillfully explores without sidetracking from the novel’s main theme. The characters with their mix of optimism, personal issues, and a host of uncertainties (they are satisfyingly resolved by the end) feel genuinely complex and interesting. Gerdes drives her emotionally perceptive narrative forward with a sure touch and skillfully captures the vibes of broken relationships, family ties, and issues of trust and faith. Lovers of women’s fiction will devour this deeply engrossing novel in a jiffy. Highly recommended!


In a Moment

by Sarah Gerdes

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Pub date February 19, 2017

ISBN 9781543230130

Price $13.95 (USD) Paperback, $0.99 Kindle edition


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