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A Codi Sanders Thriller Series by Brent Ladd

a cody sanders series

A high-voltage, thrilling series…

In Ladd’s outstanding A Codi Sanders Thriller Series, Special Agent Codi Sanders sets on to investigate decades-old cold cases as they escalate to international implications and global terror. In Terminal Pulse, the first novel, working for the GSA (General Services Administration) as a paper pushing agent is not the dream job for Collette “Codi” Sanders, but when a seemingly dead-end tax case blows up, Cody and her partner, Agent Joel Strickman, a computer savvy agent, find themselves in field, fighting for their lives while trying to stop a madman from unleashing an international disaster. In Blind Target, the second in the series, Cody and Joel get caught between two international forces and dodge bullets as they dig around to find out the truth about a long-lost secret operation conducted by Russian troops on American soil. Ladd begins the story (in both books) with high action, immediately drawing readers into the story while keeping the tension simmering with surgical precision. Ladd’s hard-boiled narration combined with crisp prose make it a high-voltage drama. While Cody and Joel both get a chance to shine as they play a dangerous game that makes them prisoners of vicious madmen, it’s the villains in each books who truly shine: the high sadism and purely maniac tendencies bring formidable persona to them, making them unforgettable (in a bad sort of way) in the reader’s mind. High on tension and action and tight on plotting, the series would make fine action-packed films with a strong female lead. Highly recommended to fans of action-packed thrillers!


A Codi Sanders Thriller Series

by Brent Ladd

Archway Publishing


Terminal Pulse: Book 1

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Pub date July 23, 2018

ISBN 9781480864184

Price $7.29 (USD), $3.99 Kindle edition


Blind Target: Book 2

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Pub date June 27, 2019

ISBN 9781480878433

Price $16.69 (USD) Paperback, $3.99 Kindle edition


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