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She: A Cautionary Tale by Carla Howatt

she a cautionary tale

A poignant, engrossing tale…
Howatt’s debut is a resonant and moving portrayal of a woman who finds herself on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance after a suffocating relationship. Olivia, a professionally successful, single mother, is cynical of online dating until she meets dependable and charming Luke. Has Olivia finally found the perfect man? Howatt’s writing is simple yet charged with meaning and full of heart, as she explores hidden pains of a complicated relationship. The first-person narrative is deeply intriguing (seemingly in the voice of two characters) and the characters credibly flawed but appealing: Olivia is independent but deeply vulnerable character, due in part to her first marriage as the wife of the man who refused to see her as an individual in their decades-long marriage. The portrayal of Olivia as she gains insights into her marriage is both convincing and realistic. Lovers of women’s fiction will be rewarded.
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She: A Cautionary Tale

by Carla Howatt

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The Book Publishing

Pub date January 29, 2020

ASIN B084356B29

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