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In Search of Meadowlarks: Birds, Farms, and Food in Harmony with the Land by John M. Marzluff

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Informative and reflective…

John M. Marzluff, the professor of environmental and forest sciences at the University of Washington and the author and coauthor of several books, calls for environmental agricultural initiatives to confront the decline of biodiversity. He takes the reader beyond intangible discussions of healthy farming practices as he travels to farms and ranches across North and Central America and presents practical solutions to the sustainable food production. In an elegant and expressive prose, Marzluff argues that with the world population at eleven billion by 2100, the challenge of the new century will be the availability of enough healthy food. The only way to effectively save the integrity of the planet and the glorious life it harbors is to practice proper agricultural practices which refrain from harming the biodiversity of the planet. With its scientifically precise and timely arguments, accessible prose, and engrossing narrative, the book will appeal to a large audience.


In Search of Meadowlarks

Birds, Farms, and Food in Harmony with the Land

by John M. Marzluff

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Yale University Press

Pub date February 18, 2020

ISBN 9780300237146

Price $28.00 (USD)

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