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Hi Five (An IQ Novel: Book 4) by Joe Ide

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A thrilling read…

Ide returns with this brilliant fourth installment in his IQ Novel series, featuring detective Isaiah Quintabe. Angus Byrne, a ruthless white supremacist and a major arms dealer, hires Isaiah to investigate the shooting murder of one of his employees. Byrne’s daughter Christiana is the only witness and the main suspect in the case. Isaiah has no other option than to take the case as Byrne has threatened to break fingers of Isaiah’s violinist girlfriend in case, he  fails to prove Christiana’s innocence. The case becomes complicated after Isaiah learns about Christiana’s multiple personality disorder. It’s up to Isaiah now to piece together all the clues from Christian’s numerous recollections. Ide’s characterization is brilliantly done, and Isaiah comes out as a highly likable and thoroughly engaging protagonist. There are many subplots in the story, but Ide, with his engrossing narrative and ingenious storytelling, keeps the reader fully invested in the book until the last revelation. A must read!


Hi Five

An IQ Novel: Book 4

by Joe Ide

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Mulholland Books

Pub date January 28, 2020

ISBN 978-0316509534

Price $18.90 (USD)



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