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The Art of Leaving Yourself Alone by Leonid Altshuler M.D.

the art of leaving yourself alone


A thought-provoking, highly insightful guide to mental wellbeing…

The board-certified psychiatrist Altshuler presents strategies for people suffering from depression and anxiety to overcome their condition without the help of medications in this passionate guide to building a better life. Altshuler argues that the long-term use of antidepressant medication for depression and anxiety result in a patient becoming partial responder or non-responder as brain starts to resist the changes made by the medications and pushes back, trying to restructure and reorganize itself naturaly which means the physician has to increase the dose of the current medication or add another medication, and the patient is required to undergo constant medication management. He identifies the cause of common mental illnesses rooted in an unhealthy diet and lifestyle among several others and reasons that average mental illnesses are easily treatable without any medication. With his decades-long experience as a psychiatrist and being open about his own misdiagnosis, Altshuler writes with an authority that’s both tested and grounded. He puts emphasis on taking holistic approaches to treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and dementia and offers a list of practices (relaxation method, the box, mirror method, and common sense as a therapy) that will shift patients’ perspective about origin of common mental illnesses, making positive changes in their lives. In addition, he also discusses lasting effects of mediation, proper hydration, regular physical exercise, and balanced diet on a person’s mental well-being. Not everyone will agree with Altshuler’s particular perspectives about certain things though—for instance, the relation between quantum physics and astral bodies, is something not everyone will find utterly convincing. Yet his theories about the intuition and effects of dopamine are an eye-opener and will force readers to take immediate action. The book offers a framework for altering a person’s life by encouraging actions that lead to the realization of one’s self. Altshuler’s writing is beautifully simple and his prose highly accessible. The references to unusual psychiatry practices in Nepal add to the intrigue of the narrative. His actionable ideas and captivating voice will encourage patients to make a positive change in their lives. The path Altshuler advocates—lead a healthy lifestyle with the balanced diet, exercise regularly, take on a hobby, cultivate awareness of self through meditation—deserves high consideration. By challenging readers to reconsider their role in maintaining their mental wellbeing, Altshuler’s book will inspire them to pursue a holistic approach in order to ease mental stress.


The Art of Leaving Yourself Alone

by Leonid Altshuler M.D.

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Pub date October 16, 2019


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