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Someone to Kiss my Scars by Brooke Skipstone

someone to kiss my scars


Evocative and dark…

Skipstone’s debut novel delivers a moving portrait of young lives scarred by severe mental and physical abuse, as seen through the lens of a teenager’s nightmare. Hunter not only left his old life behind but also all the memories of his past when his father relocated both of them from Washington to Alaska. Struggling to remember his past, Hunter starts to see disturbing visions where other people’s painful memories invade his mind. With the help of his best friend Jezz, Hunter realizes he can help others forget their traumatic past but memories of his own dark past come to haunt him. Trying to fight their past demons, the teens learn to depend on each other and form an unbreakable bond. The book opens with graphic details of physical intimacy laced with feelings of shame and guilt, setting the tone for a dark, disturbing read as horrifying secrets are revealed. Skipstone takes time to reveal Hunter’s past, his broken relationship with his father, and his sufferings at the hands of his mother. Short flashbacks throughout the narrative effectively divulge the severe sexual abuse and mental anguish the young teen suffered, the effects of which threaten to destroy his present. Skipstone’s daring portrayal of her many characters’ damaged mental and emotional state as they go through horrible sexual abuse is deeply disturbing and chilling. Rooted in science fiction, the book effectively captures the pain of both the victims of sexual abuse and its survivors. Brilliantly brave!


Someone to Kiss my Scars

by Brooke Skipstone

Skipstone Publishing

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PUB DATE August 31, 2019

ISBN 9781733148801

PRICE $14.99 (USD)


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