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Invasive Species by Anne B. Reed

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An intelligent, informed, and entertaining read…

Anne B. Reed brings to life the story of Rhianna, the daughter of advanced extraterrestrials, who immigrated to Earth two decades ago, and Colin, a former marine and environmental science student, who must save the world from malicious alien monsters in this entertaining and lively space tale. In a universe filled with ambitious alien species, a one particular race of aliens is ready to carve up Earth, and the United Confederation of Planets is the only answer to the Earth’s problems. It’s up to Colin to convince the federation to act on behalf of Earth. Reed beautifully portrays her characters’ moral and emotional dilemmas, who are wrapped up in familiar emotions of love and insecurities while skillfully exploring a plethora of global crises themes from environmental pollution to nuclear proliferation. Readers will find the interactions between humans and extraterrestrials extremely interesting. The story is set against a backdrop of bizarrely fascinating races, and Reed explores the serious global crisis subjects in a sophisticated yet lighthearted tone, making it a breezy read. Though critics of “alien abductions conspiracies theories” may find the plot element incomprehensible, Reed’s intelligent and informative prose makes it highly convincing. With its fast pacing, well-crafted plotting, and fascinating set of lively characters as well as plenty of action and intrigue, this solid work is sure to delight science fiction lovers. With the monstrous alien species still at large toward the finale, Reed offers a possibility of another installment in the future.


Invasive Species

by Anne B. Reed

Criner Publishing

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PUB DATE June 27, 2019

ISBN 978-1733211406

PRICE $14.99 (USD)


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